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Local Streamer 'Rose Gaming' Donates Care Packages to the Needy, Hopes Others Will Do The Same

Influencers, including streamers and social media personalities, often get a bad rap for being superficial or disconnected from reality. So, it's definitely a breath of fresh air to see local streamer Rose Gaming proving critics otherwise.

On Tuesday, Rose posted about her efforts to help out less privileged individuals by sending them care packages filled with food essentials.

Each package appears to contain rice, sugar, flour, plain crackers, as well as a can each of sardines and beans. These goods will definitely help make a huge difference for needy families, especially during the MCO whereby a great number of people have been forced to take unpaid leave indefinitely, or lost their source of income altogether.

Rose did not clarify who exactly will be receiving the packages, but implied that the care packages were partially funded by donations from her fans. She thanked them for their support, and said she hoped that this act will inspire others to do the same.

Skeptics will say that charity should only be done behind closed doors, and not plastered on social media for all to see; however, if the act of posting good deeds online inspires even one other person to do the same, then I believe it's a worthy endeavour after all.

Kudos Rose, for sharing your blessings with those who need them!

If you wish to contribute to Rose's efforts, you can follow her Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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