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Local Punk Band Tells LGBT Community to 'Go Die' in their Latest MV, Malaysians Divided as Usual

Well, that isn't very punk of them.

In an ever divisive political climate, it isn't surprising that local punk veterans Bunkface took a jab at the government in their latest song, 'Akhir Zaman', or 'End of an Era'.

What was surprising however, was that they chose this vehicle to air their views regarding the LGBT community by telling them to 'pergi mampus', or 'go die', in the lyrics.

I'm not sure what this has to do with being anti-establishment and political, but Malaysian netizens are certainly waging a war regarding the use of their popularity as a vehicle to spread hate towards a minority group.

Some were outright disgusted by the band's backwards and closed-minded attitude towards the LGBT community, and accused them for riding the anti-LGBT bandwagon in an attempt to reignite their fading popularity and stay relevant:

Some pointed out their hypocrisy, stating that LGBT culture is a crucial part of punk culture - indeed, fighting for the voice of the minority has always been in the DNA of punk. Making this public stand against them just shows how they've come full circle - from fighting against oppressors, they have become one with them.

However, for every tweet criticising the band's brash move, lay another tweet supporting the band's outspokenness and making use of their freedom of speech:

Anywa, whatever your opinions are on the topic, I think this Bunkface fan said it best:

We hear ya, sis - if you can spread love, why spread hate?


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