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Lights Out, Shoot! A Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Nightography

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not only known for its S Pen support and powerful performance. Among the three members of the S22 series, the S22 Ultra has the best camera system with a Nightography feature, "a revolutionary combination of hardware and make night and low light photography a breeze."

Before we delve more into Nightography, the S22 Ultra houses a quad rear camera array, which includes a 108MP F1.8 main camera, a 12MP F2.2 ultra-wide camera, a 10MP 3x F2.4 optical zoom sensor, and a 10MP 10x F4.9 periscope zoom sensor. On the front display is a 40MP wide selfie camera.

So what's with Nightography? The device's main 108MP camera uses a large 2.4um pixel sensor to capture more light and details. It also uses a new anti-reflective coating on its lens, which Samsung calls the "Super Clear Glass" lens, to remove flares caused by light reflecting within the lens when taking photos at night.

The night mode works not only when you're taking 1x photos but also ultrawide shots, 3x and 10x zoomed shots.


3x zoom

10x zoom

Even when you zoom the lens to 100x, the pictures come out beautifully and pretty clearly using its AI algorithm. The very top and the bridge of the Petronas Twin towers and the moon are beautifully captured using the S22 Ultra's main camera, thanks to Nightography.

Can you guess what's this?

Now we don't need to go up to see what's up xD

The moon is even more beautiful close up *drooling*

Whether you're using the main camera or the selfie camera in portrait mode, you'll get nice and clear shots even with bright lights in the background.

For video recording, the S22 Ultra supports up to 8K in 24fps and it works incredibly well at night with very low noise.

The improved OIS and new Super Clear Glass lens are impressive additions to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Even a novice photographer like me can notice its better quality compared to the cameras on other phones that I've tried. To get to know more about the S22 Ultra, you can read our full review here.

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