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[Lifestyle] Most Notable Feature About The Samsung 4K OLED TV (S95) & Samsung HW-Q800C Soundbar

After reviewing both the 65" Samsung 4K OLED TV S95C and Samsung HW-Q800C Soundbar, min min decided to sum up some of the best features to enjoy with these perfect pairs of home theater systems by Samsung.

Best Surround Sound Experience with Q-Symphony

The first thing that comes to my mind about the newest 65" Samsung 4K OLED TV and the Q-series soundbar would be the Q-Symphony. I would say this is a good example to show why having the same branded equipment is the best especially when you're hoping to utilize every function it offers.

In this case, both the Samsung 4K OLED TV and HW-Q800C Soundbar are able to deliver synchronized audio with all speaker channels simultaneously and further enhance the visual and audio experience to make you feel more immersed in action movies, games, and music streaming, making it the top choice if you're searching for a home theater system that provides the most authentic experiences.

The Most Lifelike Ambient Display for Your Room

The Ambient Mode feature on the 65" Samsung 4K OLED TV S95C is able to turn your Samsung TV into an excellent ambient decoration that looks perfectly fine for every household. Who wouldn't love to have a prominent big display that showcases beautiful scenery and images just to make your room look more lively?

It's the same as having a live wallpaper running on your PC even if you're not going to use it anytime soon, letting it be in "standby" mode just feels quite satisfying for me. Therefore, it is definitely one of the best features we should look onto the Samsung 4K OLED TV S95C.

Simplicity Design for Every Household

Furthermore, both the Samsung 4K OLED TV S95C and HW-Q800C Soundbar sport minimalist elements when it comes to the overall appearance. As said, the S95C TV equips an ultra slim-profile design whilst the HW-Q800C Soundbar equips a more clean and straightforward design that blends in well in the room.

That's not all, Samsung does offer a more organized solution for consumers with its innovative One Connect Box for the TV, as well as the wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity for the HW-Q800C Soundbar to deliver a clean entertainment setup for everyone that embraces a minimalist lifestyle.

If you're interested in getting an upgrade for your home entertainment setup, kindly check out these latest Samsung TV lineups on the Samsung Malaysia Official Website, and for more updates and deals regarding Samsung products, feel free to check out their official social media channel here:


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