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LEGO Group Launches the LEGO Super Mario Championship in Malaysia

The Lego Group has launched the LEGO Super Mario Championship in Malaysia from now until 17 October.

You can join the contest by following these steps:

  1. Build a LEGO Super Mario level. Builders will have to be aged between 5 and 13 years.

  2. Submit a video of you playing the level with LEGO Mario and/or LEGO Luigi. With a maximum 30 seconds duration, the video must include an overview of the level while you're enjoying the play.

  3. Submit an image of the total coins earned.

Submissions will be reviewed by judges including Singapore LEGO Certified Professional Nicholas Foo, who is recognised as one of the leading LEGO artists in the world, along with LEGO Designers Benjamin Ma and Amy Bennett, and Stine Bagge, Brand Manager SEA of the LEGO Group. You will be judged by the creativity of the level design, LEGO Super Mario spirit, and the total coins earned from playing the level. Winners will stand a chance to receive LEGO Super Mario sets worth up to RM1,800.

Additionally, you can share the video with your friends on social media with hashtag #LEGOSuperMarioChampionship.

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