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Kung-fu Game "Sifu" Gets New Trailer and Release Date

Kung-fu action game Sifu has been pushed from this year to early 2022. On the bright side, we’ve got a new “Fight Club” gameplay trailer to feast on.

As we’ve seen from the game’s previous trailers, the gameplay looks brutal and satisfying, and the environment also factors into the fights. The new trailer also shows off more of the game’s aging mechanic. The developers, who previously made the online melee combat game Absolver, told GamesRadar in March that the protagonist has a pendant that revives him upon death. However, he becomes older each time as a result.

In the “Fight Club” trailer, the vengeful protagonist goes from 40 to 54. However, he will start the story as a young Pak-Mei Kung-fu student.

Sifu will be available on PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store.


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