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Kuki Shinobu Throws Shurikens in New Gameplay Leak

While Kamisato Ayato has just arrived as the latest 5-star playable Hydro character along with Anemo Archon Venti's rerun banner. HoYoverse has already confirmed the next two characters that will arrive in the upcoming update - Yelan and Kuki Shinobu.

A recent leak appeared on Reddit, showcasing the gameplay animations of the gang member of the Arataki gang. Interestingly, in her third normal attack when Kuki flips in the air, she is shown throwing five shurikens, indicating that she might be a support character.

Her Elemental Burst Goei Narukami Kariyama Rite stabs her sword in the ground creating a damage barrier for a short period of time, which is useful in fights against groups of opponents. Her Elemental Skill, Sanctifying Ring creates a ring around her that expands every second dealing Electro damage in the process.


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