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Konami Diversifies Portfolio, Unveils PC and Peripherals

And you thought 2020 wouldn't get more interesting, huh?

I'm pretty sure everyone heard of Konami. They make pretty Solid games (geddit?), but the last thing people would have seen coming is Konami entering the PC hardware market by unveiling their own branded low-to-mid-range desktop PCs, aptly named "Arespear".

They look a little like Macs at first glance (must be the cheese grater look, I heard it's pretty hot these days), but their specs aren't as similar - the most affordable model runs an i5-9400F processor, GTX1650 GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage, and is sold at US$1,750 (~RM7,425), while the higher-end option priced at US$3,200 (~RM13,578) includes a water-cooled i7-9700, RTX2070 Super, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 2 storage devices: a 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD and 1TB HDD respectively. Adding another US$210 (~RM891) gets you a transparent side panel and RGB lighting as well.

Konami is also trying their hand at peripherals, starting with the Arespear K100F and K100L keyboards, which have capacitive non-contact keys and adjustable actuation points (pretty interesting if you ask me), as well as the high-quality Arespeak H100 headphone.

The new products will be available in Japan this December. So far, the reception has been mostly skeptical, as there are already so many other (probably more affordable) choices for PC hardware out there. Still, these products might appeal to Konami fanboys who'd want to add these to their personal collection of Konami paraphernalia.


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