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Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is still “releasing this year”

The Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic remake might still see a 2022 release despite reports suggesting an indefinite delay.

Last month, a report from Bloomberg suggested that the game had suffered setbacks after higher-ups felt unimpressed by a demo created by Aspyr, the developers. This led to a studio shakeup, which resulted in the studio losing two directors.

Developers also told Bloomberg that they didn’t expect the game to come out until 2025.

However, a financial report from the Embracer Group, Aspyr’s parent company, suggests that the game might still meet its release schedule.

The report states that one of their AAA projects has “transitioned to another studio within the Group” and that it isn’t “expecting any material delays for the title based on this transition.”

While no concrete evidence suggests the title in question is regarding Knights Of The Old Republic, their reasoning for transitioning this title to another studio is “to ensure the quality bar is where we need it to be for the title,’ which heavily suggests otherwise.

If the game is still coming out by the end of the year, we can only hope that it is in an acceptable state and stays true to the original game.


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