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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Details Revealed

Upcoming mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is starting to unveil more gameplay details and events for its exclusive closed beta.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, the upcoming mobile title of Square Enix has recently taken to social media to reveal new gameplay and an event schedule for its exclusive closed beta test.

The team behind the official Japanese Twitter account of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road shared several posts that provided more details about the Missing Link closed beta test. Testers who were chosen to participate were reminded to keep most of the game’s content under wraps. The devs also talked about new gameplay details for the upcoming title.

This includes the two ways players can move their characters in-game depending on their preference. There is also an event schedule that they can look forward to playing through during the testing period.

There will be two movement choices available to be chosen. These are the “GPS” or “Pad” movement options. Choosing “GPS” means players will have to physically walk around to get their character to move, similar to Niantic’s Pokemon GO. The other option allows character mobility using a virtual pad in the game’s UI.

The development team also shared a lineup of closed beta test events this January 2023 which includes area bosses and raid battles featuring recognizable Kingdom Hearts monsters and enemies.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is in development for mobile devices.


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