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It's Time to Get High with the Stoned & Co. X Honor Collab

Hipsters rejoice, cause there's a new way to flex your hipster cred. The limited edition StonedXHonor 9X box set is an extremely exclusive run of 200 units, meaning you'll be sharing a similar product with only 199 other people.

The logo is splashed over the entire back, in case short-sighted people can't see the brand

And I say 'similar' and not 'same', because each phone case comes bearing its own unique serial number, running from 001/200 to 200/200.

Pity there aren't 420 units

So there ya go, no need to worry about the social repercussions of showing up with a phone case identical to your fellow hipster's. The limited edition box set will be available starting 20th December.

100 units will be available starting from midnight on Honor's official website, while the remaining 100 units can be physically purchased from 11am at the HONOR Experience Store in Sunway Pyramid.

Gotta say I'm digging the colour scheme

Usually, limited edition products come at a premium - however this collab is priced at RM999, just like the regular edition 😉 Even the price has decided to be hipster, heh.

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