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Isekai Studio's upcoming rhythm game with integrated blockchain technology "Star Symphony"

The Malaysia-based gaming firm Isekai Studio has revealed its highly anticipated competitive rhythm game "Star Symphony" at DADI Cinema - Pavilion KL. The studio presented its latest progress to industry leaders, influencers, and gaming enthusiasts for on-site demos, previews, and a speaker panel.

For your information, "Star Symphony" offers unique features such as powerful spell systems and strategic gameplay to offer players a competitive edge. With the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, players are given ownership and control over their assets, peer-to-peer trading, collect rare digital assets, and digital tokens to enhance their in-game progress.

Additionally, "Star Symphony" also comes with a wide range of campaigns, music, and game modes to cater to different gaming preferences and interests from anime and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Besides that, "Star Symphony" plans to expand Symphonia with new story tracks including "Constellation Wars" and a Winter festival theme for the Christmas season to provide fresh and engaging content to keep players accompanied as they explore the world of Symphonia.

Prior to today's event, "Star Symphony" had sold out of its presale Elder Pass NFTs, which were 56% oversubscribed. Industry thought leaders such as Keungz, Rumjahn, and PGodjiraz (Shan) took part in the presale.

※ Star Symphony is expected to launch in the next half of 2023.


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