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iPad Pro 2022 Could Support MagSafe Wireless Charging

While Apple is set to release the next-generation iPad Pro series this year, the company has faced some difficulties with its plans to redesign the iPad Pro to accommodate its wireless charging solution MagSafe.

The rumors of the MagSafe wireless charging integration came from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who wrote in his Power On newsletter that Apple is planning a new iPad Pro design with support for wireless charging. For the tablet to support wireless charging, it must use glass on the back but the current model is made of aluminum.

However, Apple seems to have found a way to work around the issue. According to 9to5Mac, the 2022 Pro models will still use the same aluminum back instead of a full glass back design but the Apple logo in the center will be made of glass and will have a bigger size to integrate the magnetic contact pads to conduct electricity for wireless charging. A full glass back design would make the iPad Pro more fragile and heavier.

9to5Mac sources also claimed that Apple has developed prototypes with a larger Apple logo made of glass for MagSafe wireless charging. Results are the iPad Pro has stronger magnets to prevent accidents and it supports wireless charging at higher wattages compared to iPhones.


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