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Interview with Mr. Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo

As the MPL MY Season 8 Champions has ended, we had the privilege to speak to Mr. Chow Tuck Mun, the head of Yoodo, regarding his thoughts on the tournament, the ongoing PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Malaysia 2021, as well as his outlook for the esports community in the future.

1. Yoodo has been the official digital telco provider for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MY including Season 8. How do you find working with Moonton this time? Are there any fun stories behind the scenes?

Personally, a highlight of our partnership is definitely the recent MPL S8 Grand Finals, which was held in an on-ground event in Tropicana Gardens Mall. After more than a year of virtual tournaments, it was truly exciting to see the action unfold in real-time. Planning and hosting virtual championships over the last couple of years pushed us to be creative in planning how we reach our audience, but the ambiance and feel of watching the teams and partners come together for a good show of skills is something we’ve missed. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do more of that as the restrictions ease up.

Since Yoodo inked a partnership with Moonton to be the Official Digital Telco of MLBB earlier this year, we’ve been working with the team not only for MPL S8, but for a variety of MLBB tournaments including MPL S7 and MSC and it has always been enjoyable. Moonton is helpful to partners – in some cases going above and beyond to meet our requests, which is a key factor to ensuring our goals in esports are met – in Yoodo’s case, to support and uplift the Malaysian esports ecosystem.

2. As the MPL MY Season 8 Champions has ended, what do you think of the playoffs this time?

The playoffs were intense! Every single team brought their all to the finals and it was truly something to behold. For us, the immense talent and skill on display during the playoffs supported what Yoodo truly believes in, the incredible talent and capabilities within our Malaysian esports community. We always strive to not only give our esports athletes a platform to shine on, but an ecosystem that encourages them to better themselves at every turn.

On that note, congratulations to Team SMG on sweeping the championship title! Well done to the entire team.

3. What are some of Yoodo’s major achievements in esports this year?

There are a couple of momentous events this year that have really helped solidify our position within the scene. We kicked off the year with the announcements of our partnership with Moonton, which saw Yoodo becoming the Official Digital Telco for MLBB and a slew of MLBB tournaments; as well as a partnership with RSG, where we sign on two esports teams: Yoodo RSG MLBB and Yoodo RSG CODM.

More recently, we inked a partnership with Alliance – the Sweden-based esports giant – to form our new PUBG Mobile team, Yoodo Alliance. The formation of this team marked a whole new step in our esports journey and in supporting the new generation in esports, particularly with an esports organisation with a history as established and successful as Alliance. We look forward to seeing what Yoodo Alliance can achieve from here on. These are just some in a long list of esports highlights in 2021, and there’s still much more to come!

4. The registration of the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Malaysia 2021 has just started. Do you have any words to encourage college and university students?

If you have a passion for gaming and PUBG Mobile, don’t hesitate – believe in yourself and go for it! 2021 marks the third iteration of PMCC since its launch in 2019, and each year has been jam-packed with incredible young talent. This is your chance to put your skills to the test, compete with your peers, and who knows – maybe even explore a professional career in esports.

We have also amped up PMCC this year with two special initiatives: first is our all-new Campus Ambassador Search which invites esports fans to show off their unique talents to become the face of PMCC 2021. The second is our Caster Search which we introduced in 2020. If you love commentating, we want you to show your skills off by commentating on actual PMCC battles.

We always want to encourage esports fans to follow their passions by opening up creative and accessible platforms, not only for players but in other aspects of the ecosystem too. Check out and sign up for PMCC here:

5. Finally, what are Yoodo’s hopes for the esports community in the future?

As you know, our local esports scene is incredibly passionate and active. It’s heartening to see the community continue to flourish even in the midst of the pandemic, and now take small steps to expand now that things are a little safer for everyone.

Yoodo’s venture in the community is no ordinary one – many of us at Yoodo are actual gamers and esports fans, and so we always try to inject that in our initiatives, finding creative ways to bring your favourite mobile games closer to you. In the coming years, we hope the esports environment will have evolved to be fair, provide opportunities for every component in the ecosystem to shine, and of course create plenty of healthy competition for players. On top of that, we would also love to see more female gamers taking their rightful places in the spotlight.

Yoodo will continue to play our part in bringing you bigger and better esports action in the future, and we look forward to having your support every step of the way.


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