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Intel Quietly Brings Tiger Lake to Desktops

Intel has, without much fanfare, introduced 10nm architecture Tiger Lake processors to desktops. As spotted by VideoCardz, the new members of the 11th gen Tiger Lake family, which was originally announced for laptops, are the Intel Core i9-11900KB, Intel Core i7-11700B, Intel Core i5-11500B, and Intel Core i3-11100B.

The B-series Tiger Lake CPUs have the same core and thread count as their non-B-labelled but otherwise similarly-named Rocket Lake counterparts, but feature different clock speeds. All four are listed with Thermal Velocity Boost. Below are their specs:

On the new processors, Intel told Tom’s Hardware, "Intel has partnered with customers interested in expanding their product portfolio with enthusiast, small form-factor desktop designs. The Intel Core i9-11900KB processor is a BGA solution built with unique specifications and performance specifically for these designs."


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