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Intel Arc A770 & A750 will arrive on 12th October 2022 with an affordable price.

Intel claims the new GPU will outperform the NVIDIA RTX 3060

On October 12, 2022, Intel will officially unveil the Intel Arc A750, Arc A770, and a limited-edition Arc A770. The pricing of GPUs on the market are being "adjusted," according to Intel spokespersons in the video. In spite of this, the Arc A750 will be available for a low starting price of USD289 (about RM1340), while the Arc A770 will cost USD329 (around RM1526).

These mid-range cards are compared to an overclocked NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, according to some reports. Based on the company, the Arc A750 offers 53% greater performance per dollar than the Arc A770, which costs 42% more compared to the RTX 3060. Remember that this is a result of the NVIDIA GPU's high current market value, which is caused by its limited supply. In spite of this, Intel's benchmark charts demonstrate that its new GPUs are comparable to their competitors.

(image: Intel)

In conclusion, if Intel can keep these launch pricing, the new Arc GPUs may become the new low-cost options for future gaming setups.


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