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Incredibly detailed Elden Ring Papercrafts Replicates Leyndell

Amazing papercrafts artist Sky Burkson recreates Elden Ring paper model for the Royal Capital, Leyndell. Sky Burkson wrote on Twitter that the Leyndell Royal Capital is "made by hand primarily out of paper/ bits of basswood, toothpicks, clear resin, floral wire & wool batting on a hardwood base"

As reportedly by The Gamer, Sky Burkson was approached by an Elden Ring player who asked him to recreate a Leyndell papercraft model. After spending months sketching drafts and building, his latest masterpiece was ready for display.

Burkson is able to capture most of the details of Leyndell and adds in a little bit of ambience on the papercraft with a little bit of glowing on the Erdtree as well as the lights in the tunnel to the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Here are some pictures of Leyndell Paper Model taken from Sky Burkson's Twitter:

(image source: Sky Burkson's Twitter)


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