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ICYMI: The Best of This Week #1


Week: 3 Feb - 9 Feb 2020


Nintendo sells Animal Crossing Switch box (and box only)

The hottest news week is indisputably Nintendo's decision to sell an empty box for RM21, so y'all broke folks can partially live out the fantasy of owning that snazzy new Animal Crossing edition Switch.

Full story here.


MET Malaysia rebrands to IO Esports

An old legend gets a new name. Mineski Esports Team has been behind some of Malaysia's biggest and most successful events, and now they are flying solo with a new name and newfound independence from their parent company.

Full story here.


Acer Malaysia's 30th anniversary

At this year's CNY luncheon cum 30th anniversary celebration, Acer Malaysia announced a whole slew of products targeted towards productivity and leisure. Our personal fave is the tiny and feature-packed C250i projector.

Full story here.


POCO X2 released in India

The long-awaited successor to the Pocophone F1 has been released, though its mid-range specs point towards it being a separate series by itself. We're still waiting for our budget flagship killer, POCO!

Full story here.


13-minute full charge smartphone

Ah yes, Vivo is coming to change the charging game with their 120W Super FlashCharge technology on the upcoming Vivo APEX 2020 smartphone. 13 minutes to full and 5 minutes to 50%? We honestly can't wait to see this on more phones in the future!

Full story here.


ICYMI (in case you missed it) is a round-up of our hottest news picks of the week. Perfect for those lazy blokes who enjoy skimming headlines without actually clicking in to read the contents.

You're welcome!


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