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Hyper Scape Season 1 Arrives with a Whole Lot of Goodies

Hyper Scape's inaugural season begins 11 August, and the content around it is wild.

As Ubisoft prepares to launch their first full battle royale game into the mainstream, they've announced that Hyper Scape's first season will start 11 August, and the open beta servers will be shut down at 11.59pm Pacific Time on 2 August. Along with that, they will introduce a multitude of new content, which includes their seasonal Battle Pass.

11 new guns will be added in Season 1 (dubbed The First Principle), as well as 11 new Hacks (hacks are basically power-ups or skills). New unannounced limited-time game modes will also be introduced throughout the season, as well as the overarching story and lore being developed as well. A "memory shard" will be obtainable by players just by playing the game, which will reveal more about the playable Champions and their back stories.

The Season One Battle Pass will be similar to other seasonal purchasable content - a free "track" as well as a seasonal "track", which allows you to unlock some cosmetics if you are a normal player, but even more if you have paid for the Battle Pass. Hyper Scape gives you the option of grinding out in-game currency to purchase the Battle Pass (priced at 950 Bitcrowns), but you can also take the easy way out by buying it with real money (it will cost you roughly RM45).

Are these updates enough to make you jump into the game? Ubisoft certainly makes a compelling case for it! I'm setting my clock for the launch date right now.


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