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Hyper Scape Brings Forth Malaysian Champion

Ain't no better time to be a patriot than right now.

Whether it's a scenic assassination attempt in front of KL Twin Towers in Hitman 2, or racing through the streets of Dataran Merdeka Square in a souped-up racing machine in Burnout Dominator, the patriot in me cheers whenever I see certain Malaysian elements in my favourite video game. Now, I've got one more thing to cheer about, as Hyper Scape features a Malaysian playable character - or Champion - Noor Casulink.

Hyper Scape's beta, or "tech test" phase ended last week, and the official reveal happened during Ubisoft Forward. The game will feature almost 100 players in a futuristic battle royale, with Noor Casulink revealed as one of the Champions in the game; a short biography of hers also gives us some more in-depth information about my latest stan.

Born in Pekan, Pahang, Noor is a 23-year old who comes from a well-to-do family, and uis a fan of variety streaming and makeup. She also owns a line of cosmetics, and as far as 2050 fashion standards go, is one of the fashion icons of the region. She also wears a classic turban-style hijab with only one skin revealed so far, but I'm sure Ubisoft has more in the pipeline for her.

I can't wait until the game is fully released, so I get to flex a Malaysian character in-game!


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