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Huawei's 9um Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag Supports GPS, LCD Display, IP67

Innovation in the modern world we're living in today is no joke and fast. We've had mainstream smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart glasses. Now, we even have smart schoolbags for children. Huawei has recently announced a new schoolbag, dubbed the Huawei 9µm Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag.

As it's designed for school children, the bag supports a smart positioning function for parents to keep track of their kids' locations as they are not allowed to bring smartphones to schools. It comes with Beidou and GPS with an outdoor accuracy of up to 5CEP. Parents will be able to check on their children's location in real-time as the bag's high-frequency mode checks in at a fixed point every 2 minutes. Locations in history can be traced back up to 3 months.

Supporting app control and HarmonyOS Connect, parents can connect the bag to the "Smart Life" app and set three guard areas, including home, school, and others. Parents will be notified when their kids carrying the schoolbag enter and exit the area set.

Huawei has impressively added a 1.54" IP67 dust and water-resistant screen that can display class schedules, theme clocks, and more. Schedules can be set via the control app and it will automatically update every day.

The schoolbag has an ergonomic five-dimensional load-reducing design and a U-shaped shoulder strap design that fits children's shoulders more. It is also breathable and cushioned, making it more comfortable for the kids.

Priced at 699 Yuan (~RM460), the Huawei 9µm Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag is now only available for testing on Vmall. While Huawei has yet to announce its official launch date, we expect the price to increase when it's released.


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