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HUAWEI FreeClip - The Future Generation of Minimalistic Earphone

The HUAWEI FreeClip marks HUAWEI's first open-ear design audio series, distinguishing itself from conventional audio technology with its innovative C-bridge Design, ushering in a new era of open-ear listening technology.

HUAWEI FreeClip Price: RM899


The minimalist spherical shape gives the earbuds a stylish look, and an ergonomic design makes them comfortable and feather-light. There are no wing tips or ear tips for the FreeClip, which instead features three key components to keep them in place. There’s the Acoustic Ball, where the main audio architecture is housed and which sits in front of the concha part of your ear. This is attached to a flexible ‘C Bridge Design,’ connecting the ball to the comfort bean, which is clipped onto the outside of your ear. HUAWEI has kept these buds super light, weighing roughly 5.7g each.

The open-ear design has practical benefits; you can remain fully aware of what’s happening around you with them clipped to your ears, and the fact that no part of the buds extends into your ear canals makes it surprisingly easy to forget you’re wearing them. HUAWEI said the windproof sound technology can ensure gusts of wind to not interfere with your audio. I’ve used them in mildly windy conditions, and they performed well.


The FreeClip adopts an open-ear concept, allowing you to enjoy your audio without completely sealing off your ears, enabling you to stay connected to your environment. HUAWEI achieves this by positioning the speakers in front of the ears and employ a dual magnetic dynamic driver to provide the punchy bass often absent in typical headphones.

Thanks to the 10.8 mm dual-magnet high-sensitivity driver unit, the earbuds deliver sterling sound quality and clear vocals within a tiny, delicate⁠ body. Sound leakage is minimised by a sophisticated reverse sound waves system built inside the acoustic ball, meaning sounds are transmitted precisely into ear canal, making for a private listening⁠ experience.


There are dual microphones packed in alongside HUAWEI's wind noise cancellation design to deliver clear calls, even when worn for exercise.


Enjoy crystal-clear calls with a delicate microphone system that works in tandem with a multi-channel deep neural network (DNN) algorithm to effectively pick out voices from ambient⁠ noises.


HUAWEI asserts a potential of up to 8 hours of listening time or 5.5 hours of call time from a single charge, while the accompanying case, providing more than three full charges, extends total playtime to approximately 36 hours; it supports USB-C charging with the included cable and wireless charging, offering three hours of listening after just ten minutes of charging and a full charge in under an hour.


The HUAWEI FreeClip battery case effortlessly becomes your reliable companion, seamlessly providing power on the go to keep your day flowing without any interruptions, making it the perfect accessory for those who value both convenience and uninterrupted connectivity.


Overall, I am really satisfied with the HUAWEI FreeClip as I could hear the faintest noises around me since these don't block my ear canals as much as earbuds placed inside deep in my ear, allowing natural sound without the static crackling common in transparency modes of noise-cancelling earbuds. I'm not used to it at the start but after using it a few times, I grow to like it even more.

Get your HUAWEI FreeClip now in HUAWEI's Official website:


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