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HUAWEI Announces Their Very Own Credit Card

HUAWEI phones? Eh.

HUAWEI credit card? Now you're talking.

Following Apple's release of the Apple Card last year, HUAWEI has decided to jump onto the trend, becoming the latest phone maker to release their very own credit card.

Unsurprisingly, it features the best of what the Apple Card has to offer. For starters, it acts as both a physical and virtual card, and supports NFC for tap transactions. The HUAWEI Card is also backed by UnionPay, China's largest card payment organisation. Sadly, unlike Apple Card, the HUAWEI Card is made of plastic instead of titanium (boo).

To entice users to sign up for the card, there will be no first year annual fee, and the company will waive the second year fee if you meet spending requirements. HUAWEI Card users will also enjoy travel benefits, such as lounge access at airports and train stations - if they spend enough using the card, that is. HUAWEI also plans to offer special in-app promotions and cashback rebates for users.

An official release date has yet to be announced though, so you might have to wait a bit to get your hands on one.


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