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Huawei Announces First Flagship Over-Ear Headphones, Priced at RM1,199

Apart from unveiling the Mate 40 flagship series last night, Huawei has also confirmed the existence of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio, which was leaked earlier this week.

The FreeBuds Studio is Huawei's first flagship over-ear headphones, and markets itself as the "world's first headphones with intelligent dynamic noise cancellation." It combines both active and passive noise cancellation, and has dual transparent mode along with a six-microphone array call noise cancellation, Huawei claims that this will allow users to "listen to what they want in a complex and dynamic environment" with up to 40dB of noise cancellation.

It also has a Hi-Fi level acoustic system with an ultra-wide frequency response range from 4Hz to 48kHz. The 4-layer 40mm polymer diaphragm provides "a wider frequency response and higher sensitivity" to represent the original sound quality more accurately. This is accompanied by the TAT (Tee Audio Tube) structure that filters out medium and high frequency noise, with the added benefit of balancing the air pressure in your ears for a more comfortable listening experience.

Other perks include two Bluetooth antennas to ensure 360-degree coverage by switching to another antenna for a stabler connection should there be any interference or signal blockage. The FreeBuds Studio also allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously, saving you the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting whenever you want to switch between smart devices.

As far battery life, it purportedly lasts up to 20 hours with noise cancellation on, and up to 24 hours when it's off. A full charge takes 60 minutes.

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio retails at RM1,199 and is available in only one colour - Graphite Black. It will arrive in all HUAWEI Experience Stores (HES) and online on the HUAWEI Store on 30 October.


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