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How to use the Expert RAW camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

You probably noticed the Expert RAW feature on the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera. The Expert RAW allows you to take capture professional images such as Astrophoto and Multiple Exposure. With that being said, let’s explore the Expert RAW feature on the S23 UItra.

What is Expert RAW on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Expert RAW camera feature enhances the experience of photography on the Galaxy S23 Ultra by offering much more in-depth adjustments like the DSLR to capture a lot more details ranging from darker to brighter parts in the picture.

It also provides features like multiple exposures and astrophoto in the Expert RAW app where astrophotography requires a tripod for the best result. In addition, you can also choose between using the Ultra wide 0.6x, Wide 1.0x, Telephoto 3.0x, and Super telephoto 10.0x camera lens based on your own preferences.

Moreover, Expert RAW enables users to use more additional camera features like the most common ones in Pro modes such as Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, and White Balance as well as advanced features like Auto Focus and Auto Exposure Lock.

Most importantly, you’ll need to download the Expert RAW app with a tap through the camera app or the Galaxy Store as an “additional feature” for your Galaxy S23 Ultra.


The Astrophoto allows you to capture night sky photos on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. You will need to be away from light sources as much as possible to capture the stars. Unfortunately, I'm not able to capture any bright stars in the city due to light pollution. You will need to be far away from buildings and light sources in order to get the best astrophotos.

The Astrophoto will take at least 4 minutes or 7 or 10 minutes to capture so you will need to set up a tripod before taking the photo, longer duration means less noise in the picture which provides the best shot you take. You can also switch on the Sky Guide which projects the constellations for referencing.

Multiple Exposures

The Multiple Exposures mode is used to overlay multiple images/subjects on the same photos, creating unique and unexpected results. Imagine those “illusory” pictures you saw in supernatural movies, that's what multiple exposures can do.

Keep in mind that you can also adjust the amount of exposure you’re going to take ranging from 2 to a maximum of 9 photos. And, don’t forget to adjust the Exposure value (EV) when needed.

You can save any images taken on Expert RAW mode in both JPEG and RAW files on the S23 Ultra. Additionally, a RAW image is an uncompressed version of the image file, meaning that most of the image data are preserved, making it more flexible for final touchup.


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