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Hogwarts Legacy Soundtracks Confirms Release Date

Avalanche Software's community manager confirms the release date for the soundtracks of the upcoming wizarding game Hogwarts Legacy.

The release dates for Hogwarts Legacy's soundtracks have just been confirmed. With the upcoming title aim to bring potterheads to the world of Hogwarts, the atmosphere and the setting have to be flawlessly pieced. On that note, selecting music to create the ideal ambiance for Hogwarts Legacy that will accompany the game will be important. The choices of tracks will have to help the aspiring wizards get immersed and feel like they're actually a part of the wizarding world.

Avalanche Software's community manager Chandler Wood announced that the Hogwarts Legacy soundtracks will be dropping on February 10. The making of the music of Hogwarts Legacy had already been featured before so fans already have an idea of what to expect when the full set of music comes out. While no further details have been announced, Wood had stated that there will be two soundtracks coming out on that date.

Hogwarts Legacy places the player in the role of a student who is said to be the key to an ancient secret that could tear the wizarding world apart. As the weeks have continued to pass, new information has rolled out regularly, with some leaks and changes slipping through the cracks at times. With Hogwarts Legacy's upcoming PC and next-gen release in February, fans have already started to speculate on many aspects of the title including the game's two soundtracks.

Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4 and Xbox One versions launch on April 4, and a Switch version arrives on July 25.


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