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Hogwarts Legacy is delayed for PS4, Xbox One while PS5, Xbox Series, and PC remain the same

The Switch version is coming on July 25, 2023, as announced by Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy has announced the launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been delayed to April 4, 2023 (previously planned on February 10, 2023) on Twitter. And for the PlayStation 5, and PC versions will still launch as planned. Besides, Switch versions of Hogwarts Legacy will launch on July 25, 2023. But will the game run smoothly on Switch is another question. Maybe Nintendo will announce the Switch Pro at that time.

But clearly, PS4 and Xbox One fans are unhappy about the delay of the launch as they don't get to play the game on the same date as the other, and they will have to avoid spoilers for 2 months, F for last-gen players.


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