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Here's How to Complete Animal Crossing's Stamp Rally Event

The Stamp Rally is latest in a slew of events from Animal Crossing's most recent update. It takes place in your island's museum to commemorate International Museum Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 18 May every year - yes, it's an actual event!

After the living nightmare that was Bunny Day, the Stamp Rally is significantly less exhausting - even less so than the May Day maze, which was already considered easy with some patience and a handy online guide.

How to complete the Stamp Rally

The Stamp Rally is based on real-life 'stamp' activities, where by you can stamp a 'passport' of sorts after visiting selected locations around an attraction.

For this event, all you have to do is take a stroll around your museum and collect stamps from the brightly coloured booths around each section - do note that the activity only involves the bug, fish, and fossil sections; the art gallery is excluded.

There will 9 stamps in total to collect, with 3 located randomly in each of the aforementioned sections. Since the museum is relatively small, you'll breeze through it in a matter of minutes. Collect all 9 stamps and return to Blathers to claim your reward!

Turn your home into a museum

You probably already know that you can place bug, fish and fossils displays both in and around your home; now, you can take your own museum creation even further with the prizes from the Stamp Rally. You'll receive 3 gold plaques that represent each section of the museum - much like the ones you see mounted on the walls of Blathers' museum.

And that's it for the Stamp Rally! It's just a small and easy event, but we appreciate the unique prizes that come with it. The Stamp Rally begins today and lasts until 31 May, immediately followed by the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons event - Wedding Season, which begins on 1 June.

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