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Hearthstone's Next Major Update Will Feature Battleground Buddies and More

Hearthstone's next major update is coming on 25 January, featuring Battlegrounds Buddies, updates for Mercenaries, a Lunar New Year event, and more.

The update will introduce a new Battlegrounds Buddy system with a "Buddy Meter" that will fill up during combat. A Battlegrounds Buddy is a special minion that's unique to each Hero, designed to synergize with its respective Hero's game plan.

When the update arrives, the Training Grounds will be available in Mercenaries, a new space for the Village that allows Mercenaries to passively gain experience as they do Bounties with other Mercenaries, play other game modes, or even when they're sleeping. There will also be new Mercenaries introduced: Balinda Stonehearth, Captain Galvangar, Lokholar, Wrathion, and Sinestra.

On 1 February, the hunter Tavish Strompike will arrive and he must overcome the Frostwolves, Horde mercenaries, angry Troggs, his own family, and food poisoning. Players must help him defeat all 8 bosses to unlock a Hunter pack reward, which consists of Hunter cards from Standard.

There will also be a special Tavern Brawl, where players must choose to play as Tavish and Rokara, and select one of their mercenary companions to represent their Hero power. The event will take place on 26 January. First-time wins will be rewarded with a Standard pack containing cards from all of Standard.

From 15 January - 8 February, all players will receive the Dancing Lion card back for free. There will also be a Lunar Blessing Tavern Brawl that will happen from 2 - 9 February.


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