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Halo Player Wins 20k USD Halo 2 Challenge

A Halo player has done the impossible and completed one of the toughest challenge in gaming.

The challenge, completing Halo 2 on legendary difficulty with all difficulty-modifying skulls, was issued by internet personality Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White who offered 5,000 USD (RM22k) for anyone who completed it at first.

He eventually decided to increase the reward up to a hefty 20,000 USD (RM89k), sweetening the pot for any brave player willing to take up the challenge.

Twitch streamer JerValiN overcame the challenge and completed the challenge. Taking over six-and-a-half hours, he used a variety of tricks and glitches to beat the game. It is definitely a good way to earn 20 grand.

JerValiN was also the first player to complete Halo 2 LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) without dying once, clocking just over 5 hours and 54 minutes.


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