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Halcyon 6 Now Free on Epic Games Store, Rage 2 on Offer Next Week

Retro “space strategy RPG” Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander is now up for grabs on the Epic Games Store.

Set in a future where Earth is under threat by aliens, your character is tasked with rebuilding a derelict starbase built by another race in an attempt to stop the invasion. The game features base building, crew management, and story events based on certain criteria like your alien diplomacy scores or the rooms you’ve built with multiple outcomes.

You’ll be able to build ships as well, and you can send fleets to star clusters for battle, resource gathering, or to do missions for aliens. There are also turn-based ship and ground battles.

For next week, we’re getting Absolute Drift, a minimalist top-down drifting game, and Rage 2, the not-so-well received 2018 open world sequel to id Software’s 2010 semi-open world shooter. Rage 2 has a base price of RM236 on Steam and is still a hefty RM71.09 even at 70% off (as part of the Lunar Near Year Sale), so EGS’ offer is a massive steal.

You can claim Halcyon 6 here.


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