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Google Made a Google-Assistant Supported Smart Lamp for Employees

As reported by 9to5Google, the tech giant has made a smart lamp that supports Google Assistant, but it's only for employees. (Awhh, no!) Named "dLight", an image of the smart lamp, noting it "will likely never be for sale outside of the company."

The dLight features a thin post that houses a cylindrical light, erected on a circular base. Gold said that the light can be moved into different positions, pointing downwards towards the desk or shining your face during press conferences. It has several lighting presets and adjustable light temperatures.

According to its FCC documents, the lamp has internet connectivity and supports Google Assistant. It also includes a USB-C port and gets over-the-air updates, Gold noted.

Employees located in the U.Ss are able to order the dLight for free through Google as part of the company's efforts to improve the work from home experience due to the pandemic, says Gold.


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