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Google Launches 16-bit Doodle Champion Island Games in Conjunction with the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics season is underway and people around the world are having Olympics fever. In celebration of Japanese culture and sports in general, Google has launched an interactive Doodle game with Japanese animation house Studio 4°C - Doodle Champion Island Games. It is a series of 16-bit Olympic event-themed mini-games such as skateboarding, table tennis, and climbing.

Players will be playing as Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat. There are four teams: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green, each represented by Ushi (a cow), Karasu (a crow), Inari (a fox), and Kappa (a Japanese turtle-like water spirit) respectively. Players can choose which team they would like to join and contribute their scores to the team that will appear on Google’s global leaderboard.

The Doodle game is sort of like a miniature sports RPG which Google calls “an homage to classic Japanese 16-bit games”. Players will be able to navigate Lucky through the games and complete side quests while experiencing the art and cut-scenes by Studio 4°C.


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