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Godfall Challenger Edition and Prison Architect are Free on Epic Games Store This Week

As usual, Epic Games Store's free game rotation will change every week. This week, the Challenger Edition of Counterplay Games' Godfall and a 2015 private prison construction and management simulation are up from today until 17 December.

Godfall Challenger Edition

Challenger Edition doesn't include the story content of the base game and the Fire & Darkness expansion. Instead, it dives straight into the three endgame modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and Ascended Tower of Trials. There will also be new cosmetics and a new quest system that provides new challenges for players to unlock. Godfall Challenger Edition can be grabbed here.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect requires players to maintain and manage their prison, played from the top-down perspective. Players will assume the role of both architect and governor to manage different aspects of the prison, including facilities, utilities, staff, and finances. While the goal is as simple as keeping the prison running, there are a few ways that players can fail, such as riot, bankruptcy, deaths, escapes, wrongful executions, and more. Prison Architect can be claimed here.

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