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Get to Know the Smart Devices Brand - HONOR

You've probably heard of the brand HONOR before but do you know its story and who HONOR really is? Read on to get to know more about the brand!

Born in 2013, HONOR has been developing technologies for people around the world to enjoy its innovative capabilities and aims to be a leading provider for smart devices globally. It has become an independent brand since November 2020, and it is now one of the largest start-up companies. Today, it has more than 50% of R&D professionals in its team, who develop technology across the company's four R&D centres and over 100 laboratories


Additionally, HONOR has more than 3000 service centres, with 2000 service representatives across 100 markets. As it expands, the company now has 10000 sales representatives located in over 30000 retail and experience stores around the world.

HONOR strives to provide the best experience across its products, service, and purchase for all its consumers.

Visit HONOR's official website for more information.


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