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Genshin Impact Switch Version is Still in Development

Genshin Impact has been out for around 1.5 years, hitting mobile phones, PC, and PlayStation. While miHoYo had announced a Nintendo Switch version, it's never really released until today so many are questioning if miHoYo has abandoned it. Now, the company has recently reassured players that the project is still in development.

"The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along," a representative told GoNintendo. While this gives some hope to Switch users, we still don't know how far has the progress gone and when will it be released as no further detail has been given.

While the release date for the Switch's port remains unknown, players on other platforms have reached the current version 2.6 update, which introduces the new character Kamisato Ayato and an expansion on Liyue's map called The Chasm. Version 2.7 update is supposed to have arrived but is on hiatus now due to COVID-19 restrictions in Shanghai, as many believe.


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