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Genshin Impact Becoming The Most Expensive Game Ever Made

To say that Genshin Impact has had a massive “impact” on the gaming industry would be a massive understatement.

The open-world adventure game developed by miHoYo took the gaming industry by storm, quickly growing in popularity on social media and streaming platforms. Constant updates and being free-to-play are also a factor as well.

Almost two years on, Genshin Impact is about to become the most expensive game ever developed.

According to Reddit user KeiraFaith, they compiled several official sources detailing the game’s development budget. When it was released in September 2020, the game had an initial budget of USD 100 million (RM 445 million).

In 2021, miHoYo released a statement stating that its budget has doubled to USD 200 million (RM 890 million) to produce new content and keep updates running on schedule.

If the yearly budget remains consistent in 2022, the total budget of Genshin Impact would reach a total of USD 500 million (RM 2.2 billion). That puts the game above Star Citizen, which has a total development budget of USD 339 million (RM 1.51 billion).


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