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Gboard is Testing a Split Gboard Layout for Tablets and Foldable Phones

As an Android user, I love and favor the Gboard over any other keyboards available on Android devices by default. However, it's a different story when it comes to large devices like a tablet or foldable as the keyboard layout gets stretched out so it's difficult to reach the keys as conveniently. To solve that problem, Google is working on a new Gboard layout.

Google is currently testing a new layout that divides the Gboard into halves, allowing you to type faster and more accurately. Different from the Samsung keyboard, the Gboard elongates the Spacebar instead of dividing it into halves.

Image source: RKBDI

The new feature is still in its testing phase so not everyone has access to it just yet and we're not sure when Google plans to roll it out or if it will be available for everyone.


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