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Garmin Releases Latest Software Updates For Enhanced User Experience

Today, Garmin Malaysia announced the release of a whole new series of software updates that applies to a wide range of Garmin smartwatches.

Backed by Garmin's proprietary Health Science data, this update will help provide an enhanced health monitoring experience with added safety features, sports activity, and better day-to-day usability.

This is what's new in the latest software update:

  • Advanced sleep tracking - Now comes with improved sleep detection and sleep staging.

  • Intensity Minutes widget update - New Intensity Minutes widget for users to see their intensity minutes each day.

  • Breathwork activity and respiration widget - New breathwork activity and respiration rate data field and respiration widget in the Instinct 2 Series.

  • Body Battery Algorithm update - Better algorithm in the Instinct 2 Series.

  • Fitness Age display - Newly added Fitness Age to display user profile settings.

  • Incident detection update - Updated incident detection recognition across different activities which includes Walking, Hiking, and generic use (only available in selected models).

  • Updated user experience for Safety and Tracking - Easily share your live locations with selected contacts, or pre-select an emergency contact in case of emergency (the watch will instantly call for help).

  • New sports activities - Includes Horseback riding, tennis, and jump rope across selected models.

  • Added Green Contours support to Golf activity - Pair the watch with the Garmin Gold app to see the slope direction of the green on selected courses from your watch.

  • Enhanced Run/Walk/Stand detection - Now with a more enhanced algorithm to improve detection for stops during activities, and added Run/Walk/Standing detection to the activity page for running sports.

  • Updated Up Ahead - Updated up ahead feature to support imported GPX files for the latest outdoor watch range.

  • Garmin Connect App Real-time Settings keyboard – Allowing users to modify settings in Garmin Connect mobile app across the latest Outdoor models.

  • Additional metrics in post-activity summary – Added post-activity metrics include Acclimation, Pace, Detailed Speed, Bouldering metrics, Strength metrics, and Indoor Climbing metrics across corresponding activities.


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