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Garmin Launches Instinct 2 Series with Solar Charging Capabilities

Gamin has launched the Instinct 2 series, including selected models driven by limitless battery power, such as the Instinct 2 Solar. Consisting of 6 models, the Instinct 2 series arrives with a retail price ranging from RM1,630 - RM2,330.

The Instinct 2 series introduces significant battery life, providing up to 4 weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode. Powered by solar technology, selected Instinct Solar 2 models offer unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode. The series now comes with a 45mm bezel and a smaller 40mm bezel.

There are three purpose-built editions with dedicated features, including Surf Editions, Tactical Editions, and Camo Editions. Dedicated for watersports activities, Surf Editions keep track of users' activities and reviews them later through Surfline Sessions. They are available in Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S with or without solar. Tactical Editions include features like a Kill Switch, Stealth Mode, Night Vision Goggle Compatibility, Dual Format Position Coordinates, and Jumpmaster Activity mode. They are available in Coyote and Tan or Black. Lastly, Camo Editions feature Graphite and Mist Camo patterns.

The Instinct 2 series is now compatible with the Garmin Connect IQ store, where users can download apps, widgets, watch faces, data fields, as well as health and wellness features, such as Hydration Tracking, and Connect Leaderboard, and Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy Tracking.

Starting from RM1,630, the Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S are available now on Lazada, Shopee, AECO e-store, and all authorized retailers.


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