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[Games Around the Corner] Week 24, 2022 - Shooter and Sci-fi Horror

This week sees the release of a cute chicken shooter, a demon slayer shooting game, and a multiplayer horror game that has some shooting elements but is not a shooter.

Crazy Chicken Xtreme

While there's a chicken shortage out there, you need to hunt and kill chickens in the old walls of a knight's castle. Blast it with a shotgun, rocket launcher, or chicken hammer - your mission is to enjoy shooting them.

Crazy Chicken Xtreme will launch on Switch, PS4, and PS5 on 14 June.

Nemesis: Distress

Remember – this is NOT a shooter, in Nemesis you are not the hunter. You are the PREY. Experience true horror as you explore the ship invaded by a bunch of blind aliens. You'll need to gather all useful items that you can get to survive, even from your teammates as they may have secret missions. Unlike shooters, instead of heavy arsenal, you'll need to make use of noise detectors or hacking tools get through different situations.

Nemesis: Distress will be released on Steam on 15 June.

Neon White

Developed by Angel Matrix, each level in Neon White sets you a goal of defeating all enemies among others using cards as different attacks and movement mechanics. In the game, you'll play as White, a member of a group of assassins known as the Neon, who wear animal masks when they carry out their duties. The game will feature soundtrack by American duo Machine Girl.

Neon White will be available on Steam and Switch on 16 June.


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