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[Games Around the Corner] Week 15, 2021 – Visit Hell, or Revisit The 90s

This week, two games from the 90s are coming to modern hardware in remastered forms. Meanwhile, a new Switch game takes you to Hell.

Shadow Man Remastered

Shadow Man Remastered is an updated version of 1999’s Shadow Man, which was based on Valiant Comic’s Shadowman series and released for PC, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64. As the Amazon page for the original game explains, the protagonist is a hit man who becomes the titular Shadowman after having a spiritual mask planted in him. With a mix of normal and black magic weaponry and the ability to walk between worlds, Shadowman battles “a cabal of undead serial killers and their legions of otherworldly psychos”.

Amazon describes the original as a third-person action-adventure with “multiple views and player-controlled camera capabilities”, as well as weapons ranging from the .50 Desert Eagle to fascinatingly-named tools like the Violater, the Shadowgun, the Flambeau, and the Calabash. The remaster will bring modern resolution support, updated AI, improved gameplay and more responsive controls, as well as a remastered soundtrack. Additionally, it will restore the original’s cut content.

According to Eurogamer, Shadow Man Remastered will be released on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store on April 15, while the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 versions are “coming soon”.

Poison Control

Described by the NIS America page as an action RPG and by the Nintendo store as an action-shooter, Poison Control follows a human who ends up sharing a body with the mysterious Poisonette after wandering into Hell. While Poisonette seeks to take over, the two must work together to travel through Hell and collect stickers in order to reach Heaven. At the same time, they have to purify the poisons produced by the personal hells of Belles, girls who have fallen into despair, and face Kleshas, who are created from the Belles’ emotions and wish to steal bodies.

Due to being body-sharing Soul Mates, the protagonist can activate Purge Mode and turn into a skeleton by letting Poisonette take over, allowing them to purify poison. In Shoot Mode, the protagonist will shoot poison bullets at enemies instead. The game also allows the player to bond with Poisonette and potentially change the story via Heart-to-Heart conversations, which can also boost stats like Empathy, Synergy, and Insight. Poison Control will be released on April 13 in the US, April 16 in the EU, and April 20 in ANZ, with local release dates varying by store. The game’s platforms include Switch and PS4.

SaGa Frontier Remastered

Shadowman isn't the only 90s game that's getting remastered. 1998 PlayStation RPG SaGa Frontier is coming to Steam, Switch, and PS4 with new events and features. In addition, the character Fuse will now be playable.

With Fuse, SaGa Frontier Remastered will be eight characters to choose from, each with different motivations and endings. Players can also have an effect on events with the Free-Form Scenario System. As for the combat, the Square Enix page for the game mentions "nail-biting battles", something called "glimmer", and learnable "new skills such as the ability to fire consecutive special attacks from multiple team members".

SaGa Frontier Remastered will be released on April 15.

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