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Galaxy SmartTag+ Arrives in Malaysia with Promo Period

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ is now available in Malaysia via the Samsung Malaysia Online Store, with a promotion campaign running until June 30.

The Galaxy SmartTag+ can be attached to items like backpacks and keychains, and, via Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband tech, makes use of augmented reality to visually guide users towards their missing item. With the SmartThings app, it uses a green light to indicate that users are close when they're at the location of the missing item.

The accessory’s AR Finder uses an “easy-to-follow interface on your UWB-equipped smartphone” to show users how far they are from it. It can produce a loud ring if the user chooses.

The Galaxy SmartTag+ can also make use of the SmartThings Find service to help locate lost items. Additionally, the accessory can be used to remote control smart devices, such as turning off lights remotely.

As part of the aforementioned promotion, the Galaxy SmartTag+ will cost RM109 instead of RM149. The regular Galaxy SmartTag (with BLE only) is also available and will cost RM99 instead of RM119. Both have black colour options. The former also has Denim Blue while the latter has Oatmeal.

There is also a Galaxy SmartTag 2-Pack, with the promo price being RM159 versus the regular RM209 price. #samsung #galaxysmarttag


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