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Free Fire x Venom: Let There Be Carnage Exclusive In-Game Event Is Live

The Free Fire x Venom Let There Be Carnage exclusive event is live from now until 24 October, seeing new missions and in-game collectibles. There will also be peak in-game events on 16 October where players can earn rewards like the Venom Motorbike skin.

Players who win in-game missions will be rewarded with exclusive collectibles and costume bundles, including the We Are Venom costume bundle, Venom Backpack, Carnage Helmet, and more.

To commemorate the collaboration, Malaysian Survivors can look forward to the Team Venom vs Team Carnage community showmatch for a chance to play alongside their favourite streamers on 24 October. The showmatch will see participants playing against influencer teams in 5 rounds of Free Fire's Classic Mode, with the influencers representing Team Venom while participants represent Team Carnage. A total of 50 player squads will be recruited for the match and players who are interested can sign up on Free Fire's official Facebook page.

The top squad for each round will receive a Black Widow FAMAS while fans who tune in to the livestream can look forward to redemption codes.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be officially released in Malaysia in cinemas on 11 November.


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