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Fortnite Released New Impostors Limited-Time Mode

Epic Games has released a new limited-time mode in Fortnite called Impostors featuring a maximum of 10 players comprising 8 agents and 2 Impostors.

The mode will take place on a map called The Bridge where the agents must complete tasks to win the game while the Impostors are there to take down the agents, similar to the popular Among Us. Players will have to vote out the Impostors before they eliminate the majority of the agents.

Impostors can temporarily make all players look like Fortnite's banana mascot Peely to blend into the crowd. They can also teleport anyone to a random location on the map to hide their tracks. Like in Among Us, Impostors can temporarily freeze the progress of any assignments of the agents.

For fair gameplay, Fortnite revealed that the public voice chat will be disabled. Players will have to use emotes and the quick chat menu to communicate with players who are not in your party. Before starting a session, players can set the match to be private, for friends only, or for all players.


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