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Fortnite Collaboration With Destiny 2 Leaked

Crossover collaborations have become common in games, with two well-known IPs coming together for a limited-time event or promotion. This is no different for sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 which is going to have a collaboration with Fortnite.

The leak came from prominent Destiny leaker Ginsor, who posted an image on Twitter showcasing three armour sets for each player class based on Fortnite skins.

The armour sets include a Black Knight Titan set, a Warlock Drift set and an Omega Hunter set.

This crossover is significant to Destiny 2 because it is the first major collaboration with another non-Bungie franchise. Teaming up with the popular battle royale game also indicate that Destiny cosmetics may also arrive in Fortnite as well.

Regardless, crossovers continue to flood the gaming landscape and will probably do so for a very long time.

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