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First Episode of Arcane Will Be Open for Co-Streaming Exclusively on Twitch

While Riot's first TV series, Arcane will premiere globally on 7 November at 10am Malaysian Time on Netflix, it will be open for co-streaming exclusively on Twitch for content creators to broadcast themselves watching and reacting to the first episode.

Hosted at Riot's headquarters in Los Angeles, the Global Premiere Event will be broadcast by streamers and influencers across 30 regions and is open for co-streaming for all fans. Fan who tune in to the stream will receive Twitch Drops, exclusive in-game items in Riot's games.

Containing three episodes each, the three acts of Arcane will be released simultaneously on Netflix globally and Tencent Video in China. Set in Runeterra, the series will follow the story of the balance between the rich city of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of Zaun.


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