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Finally, A Game That Condones Being an Absolute D*ck to People

...and we don't mean 'duck'. nAre you an annoying little shit who loves to grief people? Or are you a super guai person who secretly dreams of making people tear their hair out in frustration? Either way, this game is for you. Untitled Goose Game went viral 2 years ago, when developer House House released a trailer featuring the eponymous star of the game: a fat white goose who waddles around, terrorising the ever-lovin' shit out of unsuspecting people.

The game features a dedicated 'honk' button

Now, the game has finally been released and has since beaten even Nintendo's own Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening to top the Switch download charts in Australia and UK.

In the game, you play as a horrible goose whose sole aim is to petrify the residents of a sleepy English village with your antics. In short: be as guai lan as possible in a land where roast goose thankfully isn't a delicacy.

If this looks like something right up your alley, it is now on sale for $6.99 (~RM30) on the Epic Games Store and $14.99 (~RM63) on Nintendo e-Store. It is currently still unavailable on the Steam Store, but if it plays out like preceding exclusivity deals, it should be available a few more months down the road. #untitledgoosegame #honkhonktittycroissant

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