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Final Fantasy XVI demo launch on June 12 with 2-hour gameplay segment, progress can be saved

Square Enix has revealed that the Final Fantasy XVI demo launches on June 12 ahead of its official release date on June 22. The demo takes players to the land of Valisthea with two lengthy sections, the first is the prologue section that explores Clive Rosfield's past which consists of approximately two and a half hours of gameplay.

Most importantly, the progress in the demo can be carried over to the main game for the prologue section only. However, the special battle demo which you unlock after completing the prologue chapter won't save its progress but it can be replayed as much as you enjoyed.

Speaking of the special battle demo, FFXVI is offering another two-hour of an action-heavy segment featuring an infiltration of a fort at night. Clive will be on this mission with his wolf Torgal and Cidolfus Telamon to battle various enemies and epic bosses.

Final Fantasy XVI will be available as PlayStation 5 exclusive on June 22, 2023. Check out the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer "Ascension" here.


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