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Fall Guys Releases Live-Action Christmas Ad

If you’re wondering what a Fall Guy looks like in real life, a new live-action Fall Guys Christmas ad has the answer.

The ad depicts a Fall Guy making a bit of a mess during Christmas, wrecking a Christmas tree after being transfixed by the crown decoration on top of it and destroying a snowman afterwards. It ends well though, and the Fall Guy even notches a win in Fall Guys.

The video was uploaded on Twitter, with the Fall Guys Twitter page thanking fans for their support this year. The game sold seven million copies on Steam within its release month of August and hit a concurrent player record of 172,213 that same month. Fall Guys still enjoys a sizeable playerbase, although the 24-hour peak at the time of writing was 19,878 in contrast to its all-time peak.

The ad comes a few days after the release of Fall Guys: Season 3, which brings a wintry theme to the popular party game. The new season puts players through rounds that has them scaling peaks while avoiding snowballs and capturing Bert the Pegwin. Crown ranks which unlock Golden Costumes were also added.


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